REM - scheduled programmes for AOT-36

Observation programmed for period Oct 2017 - Mar 2018.

This list includes guaranteed time programmes and those submitted to INAF-TAC and successfully approved.
We list here with number 367xx the programmes approved by Chilean CNTAC and with number 368xx the programmes approved by OPTICON-TAC.
PI can contact REM Team ( before semester starts if she/he needs particular procedures and will be warned when observations will be performed.

Programmes are listed in descending order of TAC evaluation, from wonderful down to sufficient. Italian, OPTICON and Chilean TAC evaluations are not correlated. Long Term programmes: in this column is shown the running semester number.

For older semesters please have a look at THIS PAGE.

IDTitlePI NameInstituteAllocationLT *
36019Searching for Fast-radio burst counterparts S. Campana INAF-OA Brera 25 25
36021Follow-up and characterisation of DECam fast transients S. Campana INAF-OA Brera 20 20
36017Hunting for transitional millisecond pulsars with REM A. Papitto INAF-OA Rome 24 24
36010Prompt emission and early afterglows of gamma-ray bursts A. Melandri INAF-OA Brera 100 100
36031Lifting the mass-eccentricity degeneracies in the TRAPPIST-1 system F. Borsa INAF-OA Brera 70 70
36009REM monitoring of the Be/X-ray transients 1A0538-66 and AXJ0049.4-7323 L. Ducci IAAT University of Tuebingen 71 92
36015Monitoring of X-ray Binaries in outburst with REM P. Goldoni APC/UMR 15 15
36023EXORCISM - a monitoring programme of EXor outbursting sources S. AntoniucciINAF-OA Roma 42.6 42.6
36018A multiwavelength view of the evolving jet in black hole transients P. Casella INAF-OA Roma 25.2 25.2
36014Short-period radial velocity planets with transits? H. R.A. JonesUniversity of Hertfordshire 80 80
36202Optical/NIR monitoring of Fermi-TANAMI Active Galactic Nuclei R. Nesci INAF-IAPS 30 30 2nd
36302Mira among C Stars, Phase II: The most promizing candidates P. BattinelliINAF-OA Roma 0 20 3rd
36411Simultaneous monitoring of γ-ray emitting narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies with REM and FermiF. D'Ammando INAF-IRA Bologna 150 150 4th
36414AGN as cosmological probes - measuring geometric distances to supermassive black holes D. Watson University of Copenhagen 7 7 4th
36742Testing Type II supernovae as cosmological probes at near-infrared wavelengths O. Rodriguez UNAB 15 15
36751Photometric Follow-up of Gaia Transients F. Olivares Universidad de Chile 20 20
36727Characterizing ASAS-SN Transients: Physical Properties, Progenitors, Distances, and Rates J. Prieto UDP 77 77
36825Searching for Fast-radio burst counterparts S. Campana INAF-OA Brera 20 20
36840Galactic Transients with Gaia S. Hodgkin University of Cambridge 40 0
36845Characterisation of a M-type eclipsing double-line spectroscopic binary in the Beehive cluster N. Lodieu Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias 30 30