REM - scheduled programmes for AOT-40

Observation programmed for period Oct 2019 - Mar 2020.

This list includes guaranteed time programmes and those submitted to INAF-TAC and successfully approved.
We list here with number 407xx the programmes approved by Chilean CNTAC and with number 408xx the programmes approved by OPTICON-TAC.
PI can contact REM Team ( before semester starts if she/he needs particular procedures and will be warned when observations will be performed.

Programmes are listed in descending order of TAC evaluation, from wonderful down to sufficient. Italian, OPTICON and Chilean TAC evaluations are not correlated.

IDTitlePI NameInstituteAllocationLT *
40007REM follow-up observations of γ-ray flaring blazarsF. D'AmmandoINAF-IRA Bologna42.542.5
40021Monitoring the near-infrared variability of the Herbig Ae star HD 169142L. ChenKonkoly Observatory/Hungarian Academy of Sciences0.750.75
40015REM contribution to the world-wide search for an electromagnetic counterpart of a gravitational wave triggerS. CampanaINAF-OA Brera4040
40012Optical and Near-Infrared follow-up of Gaia newly discovered Classical Cepheids.V. RipepiINAF-OA Capodimonte100100
40006GHOsT: GIARPS High-resolution Observations of T Tauri starsS. AntoniucciINAF-OA Roma7.17.1
40002A multiwavelength view of the evolving jet in black hole transientsR. CasellaINAF-OA Roma37.837.8
40018EXORCISM - a monitoring programme of EXor outbursting sourcesF. VitaliINAF-OA Roma2525
40004Prompt emission and early afterglows of gamma-ray burstsA. MelandriINAF-OA Brera100100
40019REMER: REM Ephemeris RefiningV. GranataPadua University100100
40010REM monitoring of the Be/X-ray transient 1A 0538−66L. DucciIAA University of Tuebingen2942
40008Photometric Monitoring of confirmed and candidate Luminous Blue VariablesC. BuemiINAF-OA Catania1515
40206Long-term infrared monitoring of the candidate TeV binary HESS J1832-093N. LA PalombaraINAF-IASF Milano92922st
40321Long-Term Monitoring of a Few Bright Fermi BlazarsA. SandrinelliUniversity Insubria10103nd
40420AGN as cosmological probes - measuring geometric distances to supermassive black holesD. WatsonUniversity of Copenhagen28704rd
40431GAPS2: the origin of planetary systems diversityG. MicelaINAF-OA Palermo36364rd
40746REM Observations of PMS Stars on the VLTI MATISSE GTO Target List Period 104/S2019BM. CuréUniversitad de Valparaíso3030
40728Photometric Follow-up of Gaia TransientsF. OlivaresUniversitad Catòlica de Chile4545
40783Probing exoplanetary atmospheres with simultaneous multiband photometryJ. Tregloan-ReedUniversidad de Antofagasta3737 ** 
40853Stellar mergers in the nearby UniverseN. Blagorodnova Radboud University99
40803td>Probing the inner structure of young stellar disks with spectrophotometric+interferometric observationsS. KrausUniversity of Exeter2727
40840Galactic Black Holes from Gaia astrometry and time-domainP. ZielinskiWarsaw University3030
Long Term programmes: in this column is shown the running semester number.
** CNTAC Fast Track proposal.

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