REM (Rapid Eye Mount) is a 60 cm diameter fast reacting telescope located in the La Silla premises of the ESO Chilean Observatory (29°15′S and 70°44′W).
The telescope hosts two instruments: REMIR, an infrared imaging camera, and ROS2, a visibile imager with 4 simultaneous passbands. The two cameras can also observe simultaneously thanks to a dichroic placed before telescope focus the same field of view of 10x10 arcmin. Thus, 5 images are obtained at the same time: g,r,i,z,IR.
The Observatory is operated for INAF by the REM Team, a delocalized group of people.

07 Aug 2020 ◊ DESPITE EVERYTHING, the OPTICON call for Trans-National Access in semester 2021A is open. The deadline is 31 Aug 2020 23:59 UT. All informations and warning are here. For the submission form please follow the Proposal link.
30 Apr 2020 ◊ Call for proposal INAF AOT42 (2020B) is open. The deadline is 01 June 2020 at 12:00 UT. The infrared REMIR camera, presently unavailable, is foreseen to be repaired by mid 2020. Programs which were stopped due to La Silla shutdown will be put in a queue in the next semester, if possible. We suggest to submit a new proposal in order to get higher priority.
All informations and warning for REM are here. For submission package and form please follow the Proposal link.
20 Mar 2020 ◊ Due to the La Silla Observatory shutdown in view of the COVID-19 consequences, REM will accordingly stop observations from Monday, 23rd of March 2020 until further notice. Take care!